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Review Your Beliefs

Monday, January 17th, 2011

A colleague recently asked me to speak with his brother-in-law, who owns a manufacturing company. The brother-in-law was having some problems with the business. I was surprised at how defensive he was during our call. When I offered to meet with him, he said that he devotes all of his time to his business, he has no free time to meet, and there is nothing different that can be done to change his business.

My response was “maybe, or maybe not; you never know but it could be worth your time to meet”.

The businesses owner believed that he is doing everything that can be done for his business and his solution is to do what he has always done and — work long hours, 7 days a week. That belief is wrong. Doing more of what got you there isn’t going to change things.

Common wisdom is that there are two certainties in life >>> death and taxes. Here is another certainty: If you keep believing what you have always believed, your future well-being and success will pretty much mirror your current state of well-being and success.

This is true in both your personal life and in business. Keep in mind that any change is tough. That’s why over 86% of change initiatives in business fail. It’s also the reason why business owners that are truly committed to change ask for help and quadruple their odds of success.

Are you open to changing or updating your beliefs?